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 before-treatment-psoriasisafter-treatment-psoriasisI was suffering from Psoriasis for 7 years (1976 -1983) and I was cured with the help of medicinal plants.
   After this experience carefully researching the beneficial effects on health , food and other natural ingredients, we created Deniplant Natural Remedies .
 They modulate the activity of the human microbiota which is responsible for triggering and maintaining autoimmune, metabolic and neurological diseases (psoriasis, acne, hydrosadenitis, paralysis, stroke, etc.) for which allopathic medicine has not found a satisfactory solution for patients.


Deniplant chronology



2020 Melotherapy and Melotherapy show differently 

2020 Immuniplant Cito  Natural Remedy Anti HPV Oncogen

2019 Establishment of the Biomedicine Center

2018 Support group for paralyzed people .

2018 Microbiome neuromodulator.

2018 Arthropod for joint diseases

2017 Natural immunomodulator of the microbiome.

 2016 Neuropolen - Natural nerve cell regenerator. Natural remedy that fights paralysis

2015 Establishment of the Wellness Center - Biobreaza   Spa

2014 Polenoderm - For a clean skin without pimples or boils in a natural way.

2014 Sforamin new product for natural snoring removal

2013 Polenoplasmin , for treating paralysis in animals .

2012 Antistress Herbal tea to combat the effects caused by stress.

 2011 Allergiplant Herbal tea for allergies.

2010 Hair loss stock Plants for tincture.

2010 Immuniplant Herbal tea for autoimmune diseases.

2009 Tea used  for rapid recovery after surgery.

2009 Fructimet Berries tea for metabolic disorders.

2009 Deniplant became the European Community Trademark , being registered with OHIM .

2008 Deniplant JA company won with Deniplant Kids the first prize of the Company of the Year 2008 competition organized by Junior Achievement Romania and represented Romania in Stockholm

2005 Balneological plants.

2005 Medicinal plants receive a name: Deniplant The trademark DENIPLANT with the slogan "Health is above all" is registered at OSIM-ROMANIA

2002 Giurgiu Gheorghe becomes an agricultural producer and medicinal plant

1994- "SPERANTA" MEDICAL FOUNDATION founded at the initiative and care of the inventor of the drug Deniplant, Mr. Gheorghe Giurgiu, who was sick with Psoriasis, aims to support the activity of those who know the secrets of nature in medicine and their implementation for human benefit .

Thus, with the help of scientifically used medicinal plants, the Foundation demonstrates once again that certain so-called incurable diseases (for allopathic medicine) can be ameliorated or even cured.

Hundreds of cases solved in Romania, and dozens of cases abroad, as well as obtaining the gold medal at the '97 technical news show. I can prove this.

1992 Patent of invention OSIM-Romania Treatment of Psoriasis and other skin diseases with herbs.

1983- Having been suffering from psoriasis for more than 7 years, Gheorghe Giurgiu starts looking for a natural remedy for this disease. After two and a half years of searching and testing on their own body, herbs have proven to be the only effective remedy against the internal causes that trigger and maintain this disease details ....



  Our vision of natural remedies looks at the disease as the   result of an imbalance present both in the physical body and its organs, as well as in the mental, emotional, mental and spiritual. That is why each patient must be treated individually with procedures for all these levels.




  Our mission is to determine and support people to restore health and increase their quality of life, by using natural remedies to trigger the body's self-healing processes.




The use of natural remedies Deniplant® does not exclude and does not replace the diagnosis, treatment or allopathic medical procedures.

    The products and services form a bridge between the company and the market, so between the producer and the consumer. A product will never be born alone, without being based on an idea, because it represents a set of physical, chemical or other elements, brought together in a unitary way, to fulfill a function.

    In order to differentiate ourselves from competing products, we place a special emphasis on innovation, on the quality of the products and ingredients used.

    In the case of the Deniplant® Remedies range, we do not just make a simple packaging of the raw material. Following the experience gained in the 35 years since the first psoriasis tea was invented, we have become the best growers and gatherers of medicinal plants.

    In the case of Deniplant® Remedies, we sell more than just dried plants and fruits. We offer high quality ingredients, mixed in special proportions by our specialists, who invite the consumer to try them and give us a chance. Once they have tried them, a long-term relationship develops.

    The inventor Gheorghe Giurgiu contributed to the creation of the recipes, who was ill and managed to cure psoriasis with the help of teas, appreciating the products as some of the richest mixtures of plants and berries dedicated to remedies.

    So the main idea behind the creation Remedies Deniplant® was that "health-and above all"

    Everyone has the right to be healthy, and our duty is to do everything possible to prevent the disease.

    Knowing that in nature are Remedies that can do this, namely to prevent and even remove certain diseases, we thought of making new products that meet this goal, namely disease prevention, so customers who consume Deniplant® Remedies there are those who want to be healthy all the time, through prevention and natural treatment


Our promotion to customers:

  We are committed to offering innovative, quality products and services that improve people's comfort and health through prevention and natural treatment


What doctors say about Deniplant

Dr. Pretorian Suzana

programs-Sovata Danubius spa cures 2009

Sovata cure psoriasis ... details here ... 

Dr. Ion Gheorghe 
Principal scientifically researcher Primary Doctor- General Medicine

Psoriasis is s skin disease, frequent which razes difficulties of treatment, at the start of the third millenium. It is present in the village and city.

The disease isn’t contagious. Its apparition can be at any age, even from childhood. Its evolution is chronic. Sometimes the Psoriasis elements resist in all the life of the patient.
The specific elements of the disease with red lesions that appear almost symmetrically, especially on arm, knee the skin from the head. In time they can appear in other places (member’s superior and inferior), if it’s generalizing it means it is a form of generalized Psoriasis.
The base of the treatment it is the one with ointments, creams or solutions based on cignolin etc. This has a local effect, sometimes really fast. But the reappearing is more often and more intense, sometimes even after they give up the treatment with ointments. That’s why some patients have to continue the treatment with ointments, even if those have negative effects sometimes.
Using the Deniplant tea from the Medical Foundation “The Help”, tea licensed by Mr. Gheorghe Giurgiu, the president of the foundation there was healing and disappearing of the lesions in only 6-12 months. The treatment with Deniplant can be used sure, without other prepares or diet.
Even if the treatment with Deniplant is for long last it is easy to be used by the patients at their one homes. and till now there are no negative effects.
All the 500 patient who’ve pass to the foundation can say that this treatment “Deniplant” really has the positive answers that every patient wants.
This is why the foundation received this name “Hope”, to give the patient the hope that he will heal, even if the doctors say that the disease can’t heal.
The patient has the right to know that in Romania a product that could help him.

Dr. Catalin Carmaciu

A new clinical and therapeutic approach in Psoriasis.  details here....

Dr. Catalin Carmaciu

sliver of first choice in Psoriasis - Deniplant challenge. details here.... 

Dr. P reda Nicolae

Primary Care Physician Internal Medicine Primary Care Cardiologist PhD in Medical Sciences Competence: Ultrasound

My name is Preda Nicolae by profession doctor living in Resita, I am the father of a 13-year-old boy who was diagnosed with Gout Psoriasis, since 2001 The diagnosis was established and confirmed, including by taking a biopsy from a specific skin biological product at Spit. Jud. Resita Dermato-Venerice section and Timisoara University Center. The boy followed multiple treatment schemes prescribed by dermatologists, classic, modern who were .. details here ....

 Dr. Alexandru Darie

Specialist MF, MG Competence Occupational Medicine Competence Homeopathy

"I found out about the existence of Deniplant tea treatment for Psoriasis, from a patient I have in evidence. She told me that she has a nephew who had this disease and as a result of this treatment the lesions disappeared completely .. details here ....

Dr. Manta V .

Dermato-Venerology Specialist

" Several years ago, an article appeared in the magazine Magazin regarding Deniplant tea in which its inventor states that it would be good for treating skin disease Psoriasis. Although I was asked then, what do I think it. details here...


What the press says:

  • Magazin Magazine from January 20, 2005; page 14

    Item Tilt: PSORIASIS treatment without creams, without diet

Romania Libera daily from December 13, 2004; page 27

Item Tilt: Deniplant, tea for curing psoriasis

Health Magazine of November 29, 2004; page 08

Article title: Gheorghe Giurgiu discovered the formula for curing Psoriasis

  • Revista Magazin din 27 martie 2004; pagina 7
  • Titlul articolului: O inventie romaneasca, Plante medicinale contra PSORIAZIS

Magazine Magazine from March 27, 2004; page 7

Article title: A Romanian invention, Medicinal plants against PSORIASIS

Magazine Magazine from March 27, 2004; page 1

Article title: Psoriasis and hair loss

Magazine Magazine from March 27, 2004; page 1

Article title: Medicinal plants against psoriasis

Ziarul Ziarul Popular from the week of March 17 - 23, 2004; no. 6; first year; page 20

Article title: I had psoriasis

 Journal of Alternative Medicine; page 24

Article Tilt: Could a Novel Defeat Psoriasis

Magazine Magazine of March 29, 2001; no. 13 (2264); page 7

Article title: PSORIASIS and HAIR LOSS combated with complaints


What patients say

What psoriasis patients who have used Deniplant say

.Varlam, in varsta de 77 de ani.

Against the background of extremely serious family problems, in 2003 I became ill with psoriasis. My condition was getting harder and harder. I was consulted and treated for 2 years according to allopathic recipes. I didn't get any improvement. On the contrary. Suffering causes me despair, and despair calls my thoughts darker and darker. In 2005 I found out, from the magazine "Formula AS", about the tea treatment, created by Mr. Gheorghe Giurgiu. I did not hesitate to contact him. After a first consultation, I was given tea and explained what and how to do. After 2 months I saw the first results. Some of the lesions that were unbearable and unsightly began to shrink and lose their intense color. Pain, burns and itching have diminished. I couldn't believe it. I gained courage and hope made me believe that I still have the right to live. After 4 months, almost the entire body, which had been covered with this horrible wound, resembled the one I had before the disease. The skin was clean. I did not stop the treatment for a day. I was afraid I would be wrong. Since then, I've come back to life. It also happens, when the stress is excessively high, once every 10 to 12 months, to appear 3-4 more pink, painless elements, which, under the treatment with tea, disappear in 3-4 days. Since then, I've come back to life. It also happens, when the stress is excessively high, once every 10-12 months, to appear 3-4 more pink, painless elements, which, under tea treatment, disappear in 3-4 days. Since then, I've come back to life. It also happens, when the stress is excessively high, once every 10-12 months, to appear 3-4 more pink, painless elements, which, under tea treatment, disappear in 3-4 days.

At the level of the scalp, the lesions gave way a little harder, but I had no doubt that I would get rid of them as well. Now the scalp is clean too.

Even if Mr. Giurgiu would tell me to interrupt the tea, I wouldn't do it. I will continue as long as I can, to feel protected. But, of course, I can say today: "I was sick with psoriasis."

George D. 40 years old Ploiesti- engineer “I was sick with psoriasis for 15 years in which I was treated with all the ointments existing in the country and abroad. The disease disappeared, but the recurrence became more frequent and more widespread. I found out about the plant treatment from the Magazin newspaper in 1994. Reading the articles, I saw that I also went through the same moments that Mr. Giurgiu had gone through. From the beginning I believed what I read, I contacted Mr. Giurgiu who sent me the necessary plants by mail. After the first two months of treatment, the lesions began to thin, the shells to come off more and more easily, to fall like a bigger dandruff (those on the head), without giving any ointment.

 After 6 months of treatment, I had no shell in my head. I still had a few stitches on my back, knees and elbows, where they were thicker and larger.

 Everything was going well, until having problems in the family (I divorced) the disease gave a little back, in the sense that a few new spots appeared on the abdomen, and the ones on the back made thin shells. I was a little disappointed, but after another two months of treatment the new points disappeared permanently, and the ones on the back did not peel anymore.

Having the opportunity to go on vacation to the Dead Sea, in Israel, where I had heard of the treatment with mud and the fish that cleans your shells, I took advantage of this and I followed that treatment for two weeks. Indeed, on the knees and elbows the shells disappeared after this treatment, but when they returned to the country, after a few weeks they appeared again. I continued the treatment with teas and after another 6 months I got rid of the lesions all over my body. From 1996 to last year I had no problems with this disease and I did not follow any other treatment. In September - October 2003, when there were those solar flares and magnetic storms, I had heart problems and against this background I had another point of psoriasis on the back of my neck. I used Mr. Giurgiu's tea again and in only 3 months the shells and the lesion disappeared for good. I understand that there have been patients who have had similar evolutions, but I do not have problems, as long as there is this treatment, which addresses the internal causes that trigger this disease. "

Dan B. 48 years old - Lawyer Bucharest ' In 1997, going to Dermatology, I was told that I had psoriasis on my scalp. Knowing that my former colleague Giurgiu was ill with the same disease and treated himself with plants, I turned to him directly, without following the classic treatments recommended by my dermatologist. I followed the Deniplant tea treatment for 4 months, during which the crusts gradually disappeared. I drank the tea for another month, but not every day but every 2-3 days and since then the disease has not appeared. I was very pleased with this treatment, especially since it was not difficult to follow and I did not have to keep a diet or anoint myself with different ointments. "

Ana B. - retired 58 years old Bucharest

“I am an old patient, suffering from psoriasis since 1980. The

first time I was treated with all the ointments available in pharmacies. I also did sessions with UV rays and I still didn't get rid of this disease. On the contrary, the disease spread to the body over large areas and all over the scalp.

Finding out about the existence of the herbal treatment from a friend who was ill and treated, I also turned to Mr. Giurgiu. I have been following this treatment for over 3 years, during which time I got rid of the lesions on my body and some of those on my scalp. Although I still have head injuries, I am determined to continue this treatment, because I have found that it is the only one that has given good results so far. "

Ilie R.- 60 years old- Buftea pensioner “I started the herbal treatment at Mr. Giurgiu's after years of struggling with Psoriasis. I had lesions on 80% of my body surface. 

At first I didn't think I would ever get over this disease. Everyone told me she was incurable and I would die with her. But this is not true. Since 2003, when I started drinking Deniplant tea, I gave up the other ointment treatments and the diet I kept for years. Since then I feel good, the lesions have disappeared in proportion of 98%. Now I have a few red spots on my back and a few white marks where the injuries were on my stomach. I hope that in a few months these points will disappear and get rid of this disease for good. "

Cases studied within the Medical Foundation "The Hope"

Name Surname FA

Prof./locality architect / Bucharest

Year of birth. 1962

Sick for 19 years

Injuries: on the head, on the nape of the neck thick crusts


flocinolone, dermovate



Name Surname PL

Profession Doctor / Iasi

Year of birth. 1954

Patient since 1964

Generalized head injuries




6 months with interruption INJURIES DISAPPEARED TOTALLY

 Surname KA

student teacher Iasi

Year nasteriii.:1986

Ill of 92

injuries per




5luni - lesions totally disappeared

 Name Surname: KS

Occupation: student Iasi

Year of birth: 1988

Sick 1998

Head injuries

Treated anterior




 Full name: LG

economist Bucuresti

Year of birth 1962

Sick of three years

injuries on his hands




three months with breaks in the treatment

 First name Last name: YES

Occupation: Econ Bucharest

Year of birth: 1960

Patient: for 10 years Plantar palm

lesions Trat_anterior ointments Trat_Denip 4 months IN TREATMENT

First Name Last Name: PA-M.

Profession: student Craiova

Year of birth: 1987

Patient: from 5 years Generalized


all over the body





Name Surname: AA

Profession: student

Year of birth: 1975 Pcs

Patient: from 78 Generalized


points 1-2 cm




13 months IN TREATMENT

Name Surname: BD

Profession of officer Buc

Year of birth 1954

Sick for 1 year Head

injuries Trat_anterior ointments Trat_Denip 5 months HEALING 100%

Name Surname BI

Profession civil servant Bucharest

Year of birth. 1957

Sick din1999






three months cured 100%

Name Surname CM

Profession accountant Buc

Year of birth. 1950

Sick for 25 years Generalized

injuries to the

whole body with wounds

Trat_anterioare Puva unguente

, Italy



Name First name DI

Profession economist Buc

Year of birth 1962

Sick of 77





Puva , regime Trat_Denip


Name First name OF

Profession ofiterBuc

Year of birth 1954 Patient


Head injuries



Trat_Denip 5

months = NO INJURIES l;

First name Last name HI

Profession actor Buc

Year of birth 1922

Sick for 10 years

Head, elbow, back

injuries Treatment_anterior





Brochure Deniplant

All the titles from the book :
-Prologue Vegetables and fruits
-Psoriazis and Eredity Apitherapy
-Studied cases Water as a therapeutic agent
-The basic principles of Fitotherapy The power of thoughts
-Medicinal plants Factor of Psihotherap
y ; details here...



I was sick of psoriasis 

A book that we consider exceptional, from many points of view. 

    There are many reasons and of course there is much to discuss about the subjectivity of the one who appreciates. But our company considers that whoever went through the torments of an illness, through sufferings, through humiliations, through the horror of helplessness, when he is shown a way to save, knows how to appreciate that solution.  

    A book that we consider exceptional, from many points of view.

     There are many reasons and there is of course much to discuss about the subjectivity of the one who appreciates. But our company considers that whoever went through the torments of an illness, through sufferings, through humiliations, through the horror of helplessness, when he is shown a way to save, knows how to appreciate that solution.

    As the technical editor of this superb book, I can say that it was a special experience and knowing a man like Mr. Gheorghe Giurgiu, even in the virtual environment, is a chance and an honor.

    I myself was on the verge of retiring due to illness at the age of 24, after two-year treatments with expensive and traumatic drugs, in many ways. When the horizon of my life darkened, I knew I would either escape or die. There were only two solutions left. Today, after 24 years, I am happy to tell everyone that I chose well when I chose natural remedies. This is what Mr. Giurgiu will tell you in the book:

    Today there is a natural, herbal remedy for this tormenting disease called  PSORIASIS

    The remedy is called DENIPLANT, it is the subject of a patent and its author is Mr. Gheorghe Giurgiu.

    The book you will read is the story of a cure, the story of an idea , a patent and even more than that! It is the story of what followed and what is happening today with this valuable idea and with this miraculous natural remedy, in the form of an herbal tea.

    Much can be said about this book. But nothing can equal its reading.     The book was designed to provide a high degree of interactivity

, thus, if you will be connected to the Internet, through the links in the book, you will be able to access a series of resources on the Internet, which will help you to clarify any doubts regarding what the treatment with this product means, DENIPLANT. You will be able to enter the discussion forum and thus you can establish contact with other people who have either followed this treatment and healed, or are in treatment.

    In other words, you will be able to see the miracle of healing with your own eyes. What greater joy than healing can a sufferer desire?

    Even a simple dental neuralgia sometimes has devastating effects on the mental state, on the sufferer and sometimes on those close to him. How much more then will be the joy of the suffering, at the moment when the news of healing will spread over the hours of suffering, of the sick, of the family?

     So I invite you to download this special book. She is like the white dove, which brings the NEWS OF PEACE!

         I also express in this way, deep gratitude for the effort made by Mr. Gheorghe Giurgiu to offer those in this suffering,  

A solution that is easy to implement and that gives results!

 To download the book, I invite you to click on the

Download button ! I wish you all a speedy recovery and a pleasant reading



Giurgiu Gheorghe

Details about Giurgiu Gheorghe can be found here ... 



Online office contact person: Giurgiu Gheorghe



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