Personal assistannt for nutrition, health, sport.

  EGO-Personal assistant equipped with artificial intelligence.  here...

  -It is a Digital Alterego, as an extension of your own memory for memorizing and processing all your habits related to your health and your bicrobiome: food, sports, hygiene, your physical and emotional ailments.

  -Allows shortening the consultation time and facilitating a correct diagnosis.

  -Allows monitoring of drug administration

  -Helps prevent microbiome dysbiosis.

  -Helps to prevent and eliminate autoimmune, metabolic, neurological diseases (choices, food intolerances, psoriasis, paralysis, etc.).

  -Helps prevent childhood obesity.

  -Facilitates online consultations with doctors and specialists of the Biomedicine Center, who analyze the journals in the EGO application and after the online discussion, after the evaluation, you receive advice about your health.

  -Make prevention and health education.

  -It is an interface between the patient and the electronic file from CNS

  -The central idea behind the founding of the EGO Platform was the exhortation given by Hippocrates over 2400 years ago: "Let food be your medicine and medicine your food."

 For us today this paraphrased exhortation has become Motto:

 "You eat and heal, if you know what, how and how."

  EGO is addressed to children older than 7 years, as well as to adults and the elderly who need a personal assistant for nutrition, health, sports.

  Once you have acquired the EGO, you will have to take care of him more than your own child because he will be the one who will take care of you when the children leave you.

  "EGO takes care of your health more than you do," a client told me.




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