Support Group for Paralizers


  The Pathralized Support Group (GSPP) was set up by the inventor Gheorghe Giurgiu, as a result of the results and observations made by it over time, studying the remedies that nature gives us. After invented the deniplant tea (deniplant tea is registered trade in Romania and the EU) that has proven effective in treating psoriasis and other autoimmune diseases,

  Gheorghe Giurgiu discovered that some foods in combinations only by him, can also be useful in certain diseases and even human.

  Following experiences with their own dog that paralyzed his back legs, he managed that in a relatively short time to heal his paralysis with the natural remedy called Polanoplasmin.

 After he managed to save from euthanasia and other dogs with paralysis, including a cypro dog that paralyzed after a car accident and the injuries in the spine, the inventor was convinced that those natural remedies can also help people.

Thus, a facial-left faxage seampare after using Neuropolen natural remedies in parallel with acupuncture, polarized light and physical recovery exercises managed to escape this suffering.

  From that moment the Deniplant team led by Gheorghe Giurgiu has proposed to establish this support group for paralyzed people, making it available free of charge these natural remedies.



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