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  In the shows we talk about medical conditions and their connection with the human microbiome.  we present foods that may harm you or that are in conflict with the medications you are using

 The shows Melotherapy and Melotherapy otherwise were born from the intertwining of my two passions, music and medicine. 

Music because I played the violin from 5 to 14 years and medicine because I had psoriasis and to heal

I studied natural remedies and created the brand Deniplant-Natural Remedies and the Biomedicine Center Deniplant-Aide Sante.

The shows can be listened to:  


  and rerun non stop on this site here...

  Radiovocativ is a radio that broadcasts exclusively online for all Romanians everywhere.

 It broadcasts from Romania, Italy, UK, and Germany with the program set for Romanian time.

 It is a non-profit radio station, with social and cultural specifics, aiming at promoting Romanian science and culture.

  You can find all the information about the program and the radio team by accessing

  Those who could not watch our shows live, you can listen to them at any time, accessing the links from the topics below or click on the



  The team that makes possible the realization of the shows on Sunday is composed of:

  Gheorghe Giurgiu -director 

 Prof. Dr, Manole Cojocaru - CV co-director 

 Prof. Dr. Delia Nica Badea CV 

 Prof. Dr. Corneliu Zeana CV 

 Dr. Manuela Amuzescu CV 

 Poet Claudia Voiculescu CV 

 Prof. Dr. Georgeta Sinitschi CV 

 Prof. Dr. Ioana Soare CV 

 Dr. Elena Armenescu CV 

 Dr. Tatiana Ciurea CV 

 Dr. CS.I.  Didi Surcel CV 



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